This is the Slowest Ride Ever

Have you ever seen the episode of South Park where the boys go to the carnival? They see a ride with a ridiculously long line, figure it must be a good ride, and get in line. Hours later, they get to the end of the line, and there is no ride...they were on "the line ride." That's what this feels like - we are SO on the line ride. The good news is that we took a few more steps forward yesterday - the next bunch of referrals have landed, and they cover through November 21, 2005. Seven more days closer to our LID of April 17, 2006. It stinks, but I really feel for the people who still have LIDs in 2005 - these are the people who were told their wait would be six months.

We had the most amazing time in Cleveland celebrating Shana & Stephen's wedding. There is nothing like seeing two friends so happy. Their wedding was a party like no other; we were so lucky to be able to celebrate with them all weekend.