Time Flies

I can't believe that tomorrow is May. The month flew by, which sort of explains why this is the first post to the blog in a month. Turns out that taking care of an extraordinarily active toddler really wears a person out. Thank goodness for coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

So, let's see...what have we been up to...

We finished off March by celebrating our very first Family Day. Chris took the day off of work, and we spent the day doing all of Hannah's favorite things - saying hello to animals (we went to the zoo), watching Elmo, eating noodles, and playing with bubbles. Such a great day.

(roaring at the lions in the zoo)

At the beginning of April we celebrated my birthday. Last year we were in China on my birthday and I was super sick, so it was extra nice to be home and have cake. Turns out that while Hannah usually would rather have fruit instead of dessert, she is a fan of chocolate frosting.

April also brought the start of a new class - art! It's a fun class - they learn about a different artist or style each week and get to make a project that's geared to 2 year olds. Here we're tearing pieces of tissue paper and gluing them down to make a background for a shadow picture. The pat-pat-patting down of the paper was her favorite part.

In the middle of April we celebrated Passover. Technically Hannah celebrated Passover with us last year, but since we were in Kunming, this was her first real celebration of the holiday. We had her first ever seder at Bubbe & Zaide's. The frog was a Passover gift (really, an excuse for Bubbe to sing the Frog Song) and Hannah and Froggy were inseparable for the entire holiday. She wasn't too sure about matzah, but she loved charoset - enough that she ate it for dinner every night of Passover.

The second night of Passover we celebrated with just the three of us. Well, the three of us and Froggy and Moose. Hannah insisted that they come to the seder too.

Hannah did a great job with the holiday and kept Passover the entire time. Of course, she was just as excited as Mommy for the triumphant return of oatmeal, noodles, and bread when it was over. :)

The weather has gotten warm, and we have been spending a lot of time outside. Hannah loves to play outside and go to the playground - we have our favorite parks that we alternate every day. At the end of Passover we went to Burke Lake, and Hannah took her first trip on the Burke Lake Railroad. She wasn't too sure about it at first, but she is still talking about how she went on the train.

We also have been lucky enough to share our love of the playground with Hannah's two best friends, Emily and Henry. Chris calls them her cronies - Hannah loves her two friends so much and they are so cute together.

(sharing a Passover snack with Emily at the park)

(playing animals with Henry)

We finished off the month with Hannah's first Take Your Daughter to Work Day. She went to work with Chris and worked hard with him for the first hour of the day. :)

Opening Day

It's Opening Day for the Red Sox - my yearly birthday present from Bud Selig. Hannah was very excited to wear her Red Sox shirt today (and I am excited that it still fits!) and let me watch two whole innings before the game was relegated to my laptop so she could watch Elmo. If the Sox would just draft Super Grover we would be all set. But she keeps walking over to check on the game and she loves clapping for the players just as much as she did last year.

Opening Day last year was our last morning in Kunming. The Red Sox opened on Sunday night last year, which was Monday morning in China. We ate breakfast, got all of our stuff packed up, and watched the first few innings in our hotel room. It was Hannah's first glimpse at baseball (and one of her first at television - it was clear that she had never seen tv before she joined us a few days earlier) and she was hooked. We watched it on the ESPN Asia feed - the pregame was the direct feed from the US in English, but the game itself was broadcast by ESPN Asia in Japanese? Chinese? Korean? We have no idea.... But we do know that "back to back home runs" and "Pesky's Pole" are not phrases that get translated. :)