Why, Hello Summer...

Welcome Back Summer

After what seemed like a never ending winter (ok, it wasn't even that bad, but I don't like cold weather and being stuck inside with a toddler) we're all happy for the return of summer. It got hot fast - it was 90 already today - and Hannah is happy to be outside soaking up the sunshine.
This is what happens when Bubbe & Zaide are over to play the day the ice cream man makes his first appearance of the summer. Somehow when Chris and my dad went to go get ice cream they came back with a frog for Hannah. I tasted it. I would rather lick a real frog. But she liked it.

We went to the Zoo for Mother's Day. It was crowded but lots of fun to say hello to the animals. My favorite part was Hannah looking at the elephants and screaming "HELLLLOOOO!!!!" to them. Also the look on her face when she touched a cow. This is her dancing with her giraffe Reginald - there was an Asian Family Festival at the Zoo while we were there, and Hannah loved the Chinese dancers.

We met up with some other adoptive families at Frying Pan Park last weekend for a playdate. Hannah loved feeding the baby lambs and getting a chance to drive the tractor.

We also found out last weekend how much Hannah loves watermelon. This is at the temple picnic where she ate FOUR pieces. Seriously. Let's just say that four pieces of watermelon is too many...there were some unfortunate side effects the next day.

The last Music Together at the library of the year was yesterday. Shaking the scarves was Hannah's favorite part - at one point she was shaking them so hard that she fell over. She popped right back up and started shaking again, and didn't even seem to notice that Mommy was laughing so hard I cried a little.

Our new favorite activity is our sand and water table. Henry came over to play with her on Monday, and here she is playing in it yesterday with Bubbe and Zaide. It's fun to splash in the water and dig in the sand, and even more fun to get rinsed off with the hose afterwards. Of course, if anyone has a way to get less sand in the house, I would love to hear it. Even after hosing her off, our living room floor is starting to take on a distinctly beach house crunch.