Grandpa's Chair

Even though it's been in our basement the whole time, Hannah has recently discovered a new favorite place to sit and watch Sesame Street - my Grandpa's chair. The chair is one of my favorite places to sit too - it was my Grandpa's favorite chair, and has always been one of my favorite places to take a nap (when I was little I used to love napping sideways in it with my legs over the arm of the chair...I "may" still do that sometimes...). Hannah has decided that it is now one of her favorite places too. And what makes it even more special? She snuggles up on it with the afghan that my great-grandmother made. They would be so proud.Me (on the left) and my sister with Grandpa in the chair...sometime in the late 80s...oh, love the short shorts...

Hannah enjoying Sesame Street in the chair (now in our basement), first week of 2011. That's her Flying Fairy wand for the day. You have to have a Flying Fairy wand.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011! We rang in the new year with our traditional pajama party with friends (though, the girls only made it till 9:30) and Hannah and Emily sported their matching pajamas. It was the perfect way to end an amazing year. Here's to even more wonderful memories in 2011!