9421 Words

Has it really been 7 weeks since I last updated the blog. Eeek. Time really gets away from you when you have a two year old.

Hannah continues to love all things animals. She loves singing "The Wheels on the Bus" with various animals being on the bus ("the cows on the bus go moo moo moo..."). We met Aunt Marf at the zoo in October which was a lot of fun.


The last week of October also brought snow to Virginia. Because, why not? It was enough snow to stick a little on the grass, freeze our pumpkins so that they couldn't be carved for jack-o-lanterns, and provide a lot of entertainment for Hannah. The wet snow also made it so that Hannah had her first cup of hot chocolate. She's a fan. We felt a little bad when she woke up the next morning asking to play in the snow again, and having to tell her it could be a couple of months before it snows again.

Just two days after the snow was Halloween. Hannah was thrilled to be a flying fairy again this year. There was a Halloween parade at school, and then we trick-or-treated with Emily.

How much did Hannah like Halloween? Well, she has worn her wings and tutu nearly every day since the holiday. I have to give it to her - a tutu and wings DO make chores more fun...

(yes, she's also wearing her hat and 2 different mittens. Isn't this how everyone mops?)

The first week of November was Bubbie's birthday. Check out the cake that Hannah expertly decorated.

Hannah continues to LOVE school. She talks about Mrs. B and Miss Mary ALL the time and would go 7 days a week if she could. I spent the day with her (she goes to a co-op) and I can see why she has so much fun.

We've also been rocking out at the kids concert series in Fairfax City. We've seen Mr. Skip a few times and this week met a couple of our friends from gymnastics class to see a one man band.

We're in the last few weeks of gymnastics class, or, as Hannah calls it, her monkey class. (because they swing on the bars like monkeys) She is really quite good at it - she walked a few steps on the balance beam this week all by herself, can roll down the mats on her own, and LOVES to warm up by running on the mats