Quite the Weekend

We had quite the weekend. We started off in Baltimore at the Red Sox-Orioles game. The Sox lost, and lost big. But we still had a fantastic time. Batting practice was the best I have ever seen. Big Papi put on a show, slamming home run after home run over the fence. He even hit the batter's eye and the giant video board (I've never seen one go so far before). We also got to watch him play around with the pitchers (especially Mike Timlin & Julian Tavarez), and I met Timlin and Javier Lopez. Very very cool.

We also started our fall softball season Sunday. We won the first game, mostly on an amazing amazing catch by Chris! That's right, Chris so would have had a web gem! :) But in the second game, I got hit in the face with a foul ball. It was a high pop foul, I lost it in the lights, and by the time I got under it, it landed on my nose instead of my glove. After 3 1/2 hours in the ER, we found out what I was already pretty sure of - I have a broken nose. Big bummer. It hurts like heck, I'm really swollen, and I have the start of two black eyes. Perfect for Rosh Hashanah tomorrow night. :) (what do you think - should I dress to match my bruises or not?) I'm not nearly as woozy as I was yesterday, but the vicodin is playing with my brain - Chris says it's like talking to someone who is asleep! Hopefully when the swelling goes down it will be a straight break so I won't have to go back to have it set (keep your fingers crossed!).

UPDATE (9/14) - I went back to the doctor yesterday. After getting some x-rays done (I never was x-rayed before...too swollen, and it was clearly broken), he was able to tell that it is broken in 2 places. BUT it is a straight break. The top break is large enough that when I held up the x-rays in the car I could see it!! It should take 6-8 weeks to heal completely, but I should start to feel better soon.
UPDATE #2 (9/21) - Well, I'm getting better, but it's been much harder and slower than I thought. We had to make a trip back to the ER on Monday...I had been feeling more and more dizzy and sick all day, and when I called my doctor, she sent me straight to the ER for a CAT scan. Thankfully, all was normal, but I was sent home with a diagnosis of "post-concussion syndrome" and told to "rest my brain." I know, it made me laugh too. So another week spent on the couch. Hopefully I'll be back to myself soon!

L'Shana Tovah...

The Hard Truth

Well, the good news is that referrals have landed for September, so there are lots of families who are getting the first glimpse of their babies. The bad news is that they only covered through November 25, 2005 (remember, our log in date is April 17, 2006). While I know that things will speed up ever so slightly once they are done with the 2005 LIDs, it's still hard to take. When we started this journey (and yes, I know how that makes me sound like a contestant on "The Bachelor") the wait was 7-9 months. We will be lucky to be home with our daughter in 2008. Looking at things objectively, in the last year, China has referred 4 months of LIDs. So if they keep up this very slow pace, (which I think is a worst case scenario) it will be well over a year before we see our daughter...probably closer to the three year wait that some have predicted (an April 2009 referral). There is word that there are significantly fewer dossiers logged in in January/February 2006, so they will refer more days, but there is no way of telling what will happen. (heck, I though that we would be in China for Passover 2007...now it could easily be Passover 2009).

There has been much discussion on adoption boards and groups about how much is too much - at what point should you cut your losses and pull out of the program. We will not be doing that (I swear, I just heard two sets of expectant grandparents breathing a sigh of relief!!). We are committed to China both emotionally and financially, and I can't imagine pulling out now. But I can see where people who already have a child might seriously consider it. I know several families who have decided that their family is complete. It's just hard. We're so lucky that we have family and friends that are supportive, but I get the impression that our acquaintances (especially those we work with) are skeptical that we even adopting (we are!!).

Thank goodness for distractions like baseball (go Red Sox!!!!), fall softball starting Sunday, and the fact that I have been convinced to play fantasy football with Stephen and Gregg. (exact words as I met some of their friends at the draft..."OH! So you're the girl!"...oh dear...)!

One more thing. My cousins Sherri, Ira, Goldie, and Jacob are spending two years in China for Ira's job. Goldie is keeping a blog of her adventures, and it is a fantastic read. By the time we get there, she'll have figured out everything for us! :) You can read about Goldie's adventures here: http://goldieinshanghai.blogspot.com/