Fall Fun

As much fun as we had at the pool and spray park this summer, I'm pretty happy that fall is here. The weather is starting to get cooler and fall brings with it so many fun fall activities in our area. Every weekend we've had something fun to do - fall festivals, Cox Farms, and apple picking have kept us busy all month. My favorite part? Looking at the pictures of Hannah from each activity last year along with the ones I've just taken. It takes my breath away to see how much she has grown and changed. Sure, last September she was dealing with what we like to call "the unfortunate hair cut." And there were a lot more smiles then the pictures show (she's finally starting to figure out the whole idea of stopping and smiling for the camera). But she's not a baby anymore. She is most certainly 2. (ps - I think that if you click on the collages you can see them much larger)

The first weekend of fall was the Burke Centre festival. Last year Hannah really liked the little kids area; this year the highlight was the puppet show. Hannah LOVES puppets. She still talks about the dog puppet show we saw in June (also known as the worst puppet show Mara has ever seen); she was SO excited to see this one. She sat in the sun for the entire 40 minute show, clapping along and thrilled to be a part of it.The next weekend we went to Cox Farms. This was one of the highlights of our fall last summer, and we had even more fun this year. This year we went on the hayride (which we didn't even try last year) and Hannah was able to go down some of the big slides by herself. She also was able to eat the apples this year - three apples to be exact. It turns out that someone likes apples.

The next weekend we had a first - apple picking! We met up with three of Mara's sorority sisters and their families and had BLAST. Hannah ate FIVE apples and was upset every time we had her put an apple in the bag instead of in her mouth. And there was the wonderfulness of spending time with our friends. This collage is just of this year, though I do have a picture of six of the eight adults on a date in college. :)

This weekend we went to the Fairfax KidsFest. This is a really great festival for young kids at the government center. Last year it was hot - today it was cold and rainy - but we had a great time. Looking back at the pictures, I had forgotten that Hannah really just sat in the stroller last year and looked at everything. This year? She spent a LOT of time on the firetrucks, went into the petting zoo, and made a couple of craft projects (because we clearly do not have enough paper crowns in our house). SO much fun.