My Cookies Love Me

So, no, we have no news. It's been a strange couple of weeks for rumors...lots of speculation that things could speed up or slow down...quite helpful, really. :) I've been crunching some numbers, and I'm hopeful that we could see a referral by the end of 2008, but I wouldn't bet on it.

What would I bet on? The fact that cookies love me. Fortune cookies, actually. A couple of weeks ago, we got Chinese food for dinner. And, wouldn't you know, this was my fortune:Yes, you read that right. My fortune cookie is hitting on me. So, a week later, we ordered Chinese food again, this time from a different restaurant (we have two that we love nearby). I joked with Chris that if my cookie hit on me again, I was going to freak out. Wouldn't you know it, this was my fortune:

I couldn't make this up if I tried! It does seem like cookies love me just as much as I love them!

Getting very excited for the start of game 1 of the World Series...GO RED SOX!!!!

Referrals and Red Sox

Well, the good news is that some families got to see their child's face this week. The bad news? How few of them it was. Referrals only went through the end of November 2005. 5 measly days. It's tough news. I've always felt like however many days were referred, at least progress was being made. But the past few months, the progress has been so slow that we're barely making progress at all. The word is that November 2005 was a record month for applications, and that once we finally got through it, things should pick up. I've also heard a lot of speculation that there will be a speed-up right after the Olympics. Both of those things make the possibility of a 2008 referral a bit brighter. But it's bordering on absurdity to me that when we started the process our agency laughed at us when I said I felt like we would be in China for Passover 2007 - they said that we would be home long before then. And now here we are talking about how happy we would be with a referral by the end of 2008. Sigh...

On a much happier note, the Red Sox are headed to the ALCS after a dramatic sweep of the Angels. I celebrated the win of the AL East with my Uncle Stan - we watched together over the phone, and it was a phenomenal night. Then to watch the Sox come out so strong against a really good Angels team? Well, let's just say it feels a lot like 2004. I'm cheering for the Indians right now, partially because Shana is such a big Indians fan, but mostly because I can't wait to see the Yankees go out in the first round. I guess $195 million just doesn't go as far as it used to. And for those of you who are bound to tell me just how inflated the Red Sox payroll is...yes, it's absurd. But the difference between the Yankees and the Red Sox payrolls is greater than the entire payroll of the Diamondbacks (who are also in the playoffs), Pirates, Nats, Marlins, and Devil Rays. Crazy, no? Regardless of who we play, I can't wait for Friday night!