iPhone Fun

A couple of weeks ago, Chris and I celebrated our anniversary with the traditional present for 11 years - iPhones. We were both using really old phones (so old that Chris's did not have a camera) so this was a huge treat for us. But you know who was the most excited? Hannah. First, she inherited both of our old phones. So now she has TWO phones to make all of her very important calls. Mostly she calls Bubbe & Zaide, but she's on an unlimited calls to Sesame Street plan as well. Even bigger though is her new found fascination with pictures and videos of herself. Lots and lots of videos and pictures of Hannah. She simply can not get enough of Hannah. She is constantly shouting "MORE HANNAH!!". And when we don't move fast enough she just shouts "MORE NAH!!!". Louder and louder until we give her what she wants - more Hannah.